June 21-22, 2022 Online


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Vashinee Bheemul

Managing Director, Vector Technology & Solutions

Vashinee Bheemul is currently Managing Director of Vector Technology & Solutions (VTS), a company she founded in 2017 as an entrepreneurial venture with only two services. Vashinee began her career in 2003 as a software engineer, paving her path consistently in the corporate world to achieve management to C-level positions. She has some 16 years of experience in Sales Operations, Strategic Marketing, Business Expansion, Product Development, Vendor-Client Relations, Human Resources, and Government-Private Services Contracting. VTS currently works with many non-profit organizations throughout Africa, assisting women and girls start up at-home businesses. As well, in South Africa VTS is working in close collaboration with Women Africa Arise to empower Women Voices through different media platforms including radio, social media, magazines, and more. The company's mission is mentoring and powering future leaders at work, helping them to keep unlocking Human Potential at its best.