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October 23rd and 24th • Online

Join our 30th Annual WITI Summit, Prompt'24, where we unravel technological mystery with cutting-edge discussions and visionary perspectives.

AI and digital advancements are reshaping society, business, and individual lives. Our summit is not only an event, it's a journey toward understanding and leveraging the transformative power of AI. Bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and influencers, Prompt'24 is a collaborative environment for trust-building and influential networking. Our commitment is to highlight the pathways of technological change while emphasizing ethical considerations and strategic innovations.

Join us in prompting the future.

What to get excited about

  • AI and Society
  • Technology and Social Change
  • The Future of AI and Machine Learning
  • Digital Trust and Security
  • Innovations in AI
  • AI in Business
  • AI for Good
  • The Human Element in AI
  • AI Policy and Governance
  • The Intersection of AI and Art
  • AI Fundamentals
  • WITI Hall of Fame Awards


Our Prompt'24 speaker lineup* of experts, leaders, innovators, and influencers - with more exciting speakers on AI coming soon:

  • Headshot Kamil Banc, Generative Story Teller | SMB Investor
  • Headshot Kyla Zhao, Forbes 30 Under 30, Passionate about intersection of data and content
  • Headshot Dr. Lisa Palmer, Applied AI: Software + Human Expertise, Driving Business Value from AI
  • Headshot David Fogarty, PhD, Executive | Data, analytics, AI, digital driven value creation
  • Headshot Mica Syjuco, Director, Technology Leadership at Avanade
  • Headshot Sam Wilmot, VP of Strategy & Transformation Xerox
  • Headshot A.G. Syjuco, Software Engineering Senior Manager @Accenture
  • Headshot Janel Anderson, PhD, Keynote Speaker | Leadership & Communication Expert
  • Headshot Erin Jerri Panigilan, Spatial Computing x AI Leader - Software Engineer, Product Leader

* Speakers subject to change


Don't miss our 2-day annual event, an unforgettable journey toward understanding and leveraging the transformative power of AI. Join us!

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This year, we are honored by the support of an emerging lineup of companies as we prepare for Prompt'24. Stay tuned, you won't want to miss this.

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