Digital Inclusivity Dec 8-10, 2020

avatars of women and men networking at a virtual conference

WITI's 2020 Digital Inclusivity Summit:

Reinventing Our Future

Look Ahead with WITI this December

Arguably, 2020 has been the most difficult year any of us has lived through. Join us for WITI’s Digital Inclusivity Virtual Summit, December 8-10, where we will marshall our forces and prepare to emerge stronger than ever in 2021.

Because in spite of – or perhaps because of – the inconceivable challenges we’ve had to face, necessity has forced us to think differently – to be resilient, and to find new ways of getting things done – to dig deeper into our creative mentalities and create workarounds – to integrate technology into our everyday lives more than we ever imagined.

So let us all now emerge stronger and reinvent our future

Let us …

  • understand and overcome the barriers to digital inclusion
  • apply the principles of science to deal with problems we’re facing
  • build on the alternative paths we’ve had to take
  • break through systemic roadblocks
  • find additional ways to use technology for good.

WITI’s Digital Inclusivity Virtual Summit will Showcase:

  • Keynotes and plenary sessions on topics of universal interest, brimming with insights and perspectives from worldwide thoughtleaders and cutting-edge professionals
  • Networking events so you can connect and share with other professional women from across town and around the globe
  • Coaching circles, designed to help you persevere in your career and sharpen your leadership skills, by pairing results-oriented coaches with small groups
  • Wellbeing center to help you set aside time for self-care
  • Workshops and panels to explore and discuss such topics as:
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good
    • Business Not As Usual: Creating a Safe Space to Talk about Race
    • Combining Digital and Socio-Emotional Skills for the Future Job Market
    • Coping with Zoom Fatigue
    • Digital Skills: Empowering Global Women
    • Digital Transformation for Inclusive Growth
    • Discovering Drone-Enabled Possibilities
    • Ecofeminism: How Women Have Become Nature’s Voice
    • Fintech: Creating Global Access to Digital Financial Services for Women
    • Immediate Connection, Immediate Mobilization: Social Media and Social Unrest
    • In-Demand Skills: The Near-Future Job Market
    • Innovations in AgTech: Climate Change, Energy Usage, Global Food Crisis
    • Making the Workplace Work for Everyone
    • Male Allies Enabling Inclusivity
    • Mentors and Upstanders: Find One, Become One!
    • No-Code? No Kidding?
    • Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuels: Contrasts and Questions
    • Technology for Good: Improving Life Worldwide
    • Technology in Healthcare: Telemedicine and More
    • The COVID Catalyst: Speeding Technology Adoption
    • The Next Generation of Mobile Broadband
    • The Whole New World of WFH (Women Execs Working from Home)
    • Transitioning to Green/Renewable Energy: Environmental Effects and Technical Innovations
    • Walking through Quicksand: Being Resilient in Difficult Times
    • Women in Education and Technology: Now and Into the Future

Come join us December 8-10… and help reinvent the future. Interested in speaking at the Summit?

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