June 21-24, 2021


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Lia Garvin

Executive Coach & Senior Program Manager, Google

Lia Garvin has almost a decade of experience working in some of the largest and most influential companies in tech including Microsoft, Apple, and Google. As a Senior Program Manager at Google, Lia leverages her leadership coaching and program management skills to examine the challenges holding teams back from doing their best work, and develop programs, workshops, and resources to help foster psychological safety, inclusion, and effective team dynamics. She built the Diversity & Inclusion program for Google's Augmented and Virtual Reality team, mentors and coaches program managers across the company about how to drive impactful and measurable D&I programming, and was recognized by the National Diversity Council as a 2021 DEI Champion. Lia is a certified executive coach, and works with her clients on how to use the power of reframing to achieve the goals they have for their lives and careers. Lia holds a Bachelor's in sociology from UCLA and a Master's in media studies from The New College of California.