December 6-7, 2022 Online


Speaker Headshot

Rick Botelho

Founder of #EquityMoonshot, #UniteEquityMuses

Dr. Rick Botelho is a practicing Family Physician and Professor of Family Medicine, now turned social innovator. He has been a lifelong advocate for equity. He is working on forthcoming book entitled, #EquityMoonshot: Co-design an equitable, regenerative and sustainable future to benefit all. This book will be based on a LinkedIn newsletter:#EquityMoonshot. He is launching an EquityMoonshot learning academy in 2023.

This #UniteEquityMuses movement is a a "trainer the trainers" model that enable change agents and leaders to become equity muses. Equity muses are a new archetype: part magician, part holy fool, and part jester. Equity muses ask big hairy audacious questions about how to open, inspire and align our mindsets needed to co-create a fair, free and flourishing future.