June 22-24, 2021


Speaker Headshot

Ope Bukola

Founder & CEO, Kibo School

Ope Bukola is passionate about building technology that improves access to knowledge and well-being. She is the Founder and CEO of Kibo School, a new online university providing affordable degrees for emerging markets, starting in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kibo’s model combines self-directed learning with a community of peers and industry mentors. Previously, Ope was at Google, where she led the Product team for Google Classroom, the flagship software product for K12 teachers and learners. Ope led the development and growth of Classroom, bringing the product to 40M+ monthly users. Prior to Google, she was a product manager at Amplify Education, founded an edtech company, and managed partnerships at CK-12 Foundation, a provider of open-source digital textbooks. Ope is also an angel investor and member of Pipeline Angels, an angel network that serves as the friends and family round for female and femme entrepreneurs who may not already have support at that critical stage. As well, Ope is the founding Board Chair of Black Art Futures Fund, which funds emerging arts organizations that promote and preserve Black arts and culture.