June 22-24, 2021


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Bea Hackula

President, Africa For Africa Women

Bea Hackula is the Founder and President of Africa for Africa Women Empowerment NPC. She is also Founder of Women Building our Africa (WBoA) Primary Cooperative Financial Services, which was officially licensed by the Reserve Bank of South Africa in July 2020. As well, Bea is the Founder of ASSERT media which offers an online magazine and virtual coaching and mentorship sessions to empower women leaders and entrepreneurs; she is also the Co-Founder Chair of Women of Africa Arise Forum, which unites women’s organizations and professionals across Africa. Bea is a globally respected leader, strategist, and public speaker, especially on leadership and women empowerment related topics. With extensive executive leadership experience from both Public and Private Sectors, she is a transformational leader in action, and a champion of women and youth empowerment - a life coach and a mentor to many. Bea is a Harvard alumnus and studied in various Universities in South Africa including the African Leaders University, Fort Hare. She is a certified John Maxwell Coach and accredited European Foundation Quality Model (EFQM) Facilitator and Assessor, and an Independent training consultant to the National School of Government in South Africa. She has been recognized with numerous awards for her transformational leadership.