June 22-24, 2021


Speaker Headshot

Julee Everett

Executive Vice President, Business Agility, ClearlyAgile

Julee Everett is the EVP of Business Agility at ClearlyAgile, a transformation organization in Tampa, Florida. She specializes in coaching change and innovation for organizations struggling to re-discover their entrepreneurial DNA, who need to rethink their strategy, or who want to evolve their culture to enable flow and empower people. Julee's work has strong influences from design thinking, business, and product management. Her teachings are rooted in facts and theory, but her approach encourages reflection and action. She is passionate about maximizing others by making abstract concepts real and practical for those on a learning path to agility and innovation. An active leader in community and peer learning spaces, Julee is an organizer of the Agile Alliance Product Management Initiative, the ProductCamp Gulf Coast founder, and the Tampa Bay Product Owner group founder. She is a professional trainer with Scrum.org and is a frequent publisher on Medium and LinkedIn. Julee was recently named one of the LIA 100, an initiative to identify women making significant contributions in Lean and Agile spaces worldwide.