December 6-7, 2022 Online


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Okezue Bell

CEO & Co-Founder, Fidutam & Co.

Okezue Bell is a machine learning and robotics developer, as well as an applied biology R&D scientist. At 15, Okezue is collaborating at IBM with an MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Fellow and assembling and leading a team at IBM to develop a machine learning app to enhance agriculture in developing, and study medical images using computer vision. He's also working at Hanson Robotics, helping to design new prosthetic systems for Sophia, an ultra-human-like robot, and is supported by a rehabilitation and neuroengineering lab at UPitt and neuroscience company OpenBCI to design and build a brain-controlled prosthetic, among other brain and bio electrically-controlled devices. He's also worked at six biotech companies, developing and advising on producing protein using genetic engineering methods, which includes getting help from the CEO of unicorn company Eat JUST, and joining a sustainability, health, and advisory board alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. He also researches genetics weekly at the Cohn Lab at SickKids Hospital. As a member of the human accelerator, The Knowledge Society (TKS), Okezue has been able to consult for the United Nations and the Pathcheck Foundation. He's the co-founder of an early-stage blockchain security called Fidutam, which was named top 10% of all winter startup applicants by Y-Combinator. Aside from his work experiences, Okezue frequently engages in workshops, networking opportunities, and conferences, having spoken at 4+ international events, and been spotlighted in articles such as Forbes; he also has a blog with nearly 100 articles, writes research papers, and films videos. He's constantly looking for new work opportunities, ways to help others, and outlets to share his ideas!