December 6-7, 2022 Online


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Sharon Melnick, Ph.D.

Founder, Next Level Leader

Sharon Melnick, PhD is a leading expert on women’s leadership, power, and resilience.

Her approaches are informed by 10 years of Psychology research at Harvard Medical School. She has coached/ trained 40,000 professionals at over 50 Fortune 500 companies and numerous start-ups and women-led companies. Her presentations have created buzz at over 200 conferences worldwide (including presenting at the White House, West Point, and the United Nations).

Her new book about how women can use their power to advance their career and end disrespect is titled In Your Power: React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others, available now for pre-order. She is also the best-selling author of Success under Stress: Powerful Tools to Stay Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On.

She is a sought after Executive Coach for women executives and entrepreneurs who are vision holders and results drivers - she helps them influence to bring others along in their vision, prevent burnout, and overcome second-guessing. She has been selected as a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach worldwide.

Dr. Melnick is a passionate advocate for the impact, ascension, and wealth-building of multicultural women. She is the Founder of the Next Level Leader initiative which has a 92% success rate at advancing and retaining high potential female talent in weeks, not months or years.