December 6-7, 2022 Online


WITI - WINS - Climate Change and Sustainability

Wednesday, December 7th • 12:00pm — 1:00pm PDT

Technology has alerted, measured and monitored changes in climate and Earth sciences. Join WITI in exploring how the development and deployment of both legacy and new technologies can support environmental sustainability. Topics such as technology modeling and practical process implementations are discussed in relation to energy, food security, transportation / logistics and population expansion. Join our team of young leaders and thinkers from around the world and around the block to learn from, share with and educate others on the topic of Climate Change and Sustainability. Meet international students, professionals, global sustainability experts and WITI supporters - share ideas, connect and make a difference.

Join this this one-hour, live webinar and share your curiosity, experience and skills with industry experts and novices in a content rich, interactive and safe setting. WITI (Industry, Networking and Skills) WINS events are held monthly.

Please Note: WITI WINS communities are safe spaces for education and relationship building only. Recruitment or solicitation of attendees is strictly prohibited at all WITI WINS Events.