June 22-24, 2021


351 - Breakout Panel - The Female Perspectives on Navigating an Agile Career

Wednesday, June 23rd • 1:00pm — 2:00pm PDT

As the world moves through the complexity of COVID, the need to respond competitively to shifting market demands is imperative. And that means organizations are experiencing an unprecedented focus on lean operations, delivering customer value, and investing in employee engagement. These are principles at the core of Agile, which means the demand for Agile roles and experience is substantial, and increasing. If you are navigating a career move or just curious about Agile, we have gathered a panel of experienced female agilists with varying career journeys. Our panelists will share three different Agile career perspectives: Agile Product Management, Scrum Mastery and Leadership, and Agile Software Development. Learn what different Agile roles entail, and ask your questions about tips, challenges, and successes in becoming an active architect of a career in Agile.

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