June 22-24, 2021


465 - Coaching Circle - Power Up Your Online Presentations & Public Speaking

Thursday, June 24th • 2:15pm — 3:15pm PDT

The pandemic showed us that online training is here to stay. Influencing others takes skill, so let’s power up your presentations and public speaking. If you are a Platform speaker or train others, carry an important message and offer great value, but find you would like to learn more tips, tricks, and techniques to scale up your enrollments and engage others into your call to action (CTA), join us. We will address: lighting, how to use your screen effectively, learning the 4 Keys to Vocal Variety, spicing up your presentation content, and finding creative ways to engage your audience, and much much more. When you enjoy what you do, your audience knows it, and it fosters the truest form of engagement.

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