June 22-24, 2021


462 - Coaching Circle - Your True Power: A Cutting-Edge Tool for Identifying the Genius in You

Thursday, June 24th • 2:15pm — 3:15pm PDT

Have you ever been in a situation where you were stuck - spinning out in your head, not able to find an answer to a problem, or with too many ideas but not a clear choice? It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and stressful. (I know. I’ve been there.) Chances are we limit ourselves to discovering the answers to our concerns using only a limited portion of our brain. Essentially, we cut ourselves off from our own genius. In order to make clear, innovative, masterful decisions, we need to be able to tap into all our mental, emotional, sensory, and physical resources. In this session you’ll have the opportunity to experience a revolutionary whole-brain, physical, and sensory process based in neuroscience called Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) and discover what it can be like to use all your senses to connect to the genius in you.

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