June 22-24, 2021


363 - Coaching Circle - Helping Kids (and Families) Stay Safe Online

Wednesday, June 23rd • 2:15pm — 3:15pm PDT

Over the past year, as our homes transformed into offices, classrooms, movie theaters, and more, the Internet became even more critical to our lives. It allowed us to stay connected and productive, while we stayed home and safe. But it was not without its challenges. Our children were ushered into online spaces for school, for entertainment, and for social connections by necessity; with it came parental guilt and concerns about our children's safety. As we transition through the pandemic, what have we learned? What new uses of the Internet did we adopt as families that are worth keeping? Which ones are not? In this session, you’ll hear practical tips for helping your kids use the Internet in safe, positive, and productive ways. But you'll also have a chance to reflect on your family's relationship with technology over the past year, and consider how to focus on its benefits now and in the future.

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