June 22-24, 2021


335 - Keynote Workshop - Never Be Bullied Again: How to Confront Toxic Bosses, Employees, Co-Workers & Family Members

Wednesday, June 23rd • 9:30am — 10:15am PDT

Is there anyone you know – and have to deal with – where an incoming text or email or voice mail from them or just the mention of their name puts a knot in your stomach? What if there were an immediately “doable by you” way to interact with them where you not only can stop avoiding them, but maybe even get them to behave in a civil manner? Bullying creates a miserable work environment that undermines performance and increases employee turnover. The only way to stop a bully — whether it’s your boss, colleague, or employee — is to confront them. How to do that effectively is vital. This workshop will train you to effectively deal with any and all toxic personalities in your professional and personal lives. Prep: 1. Think about the most toxic and difficult people you have to deal with either as an employee, boss, or even an outsider.. 2. Be open and willing to learn effective techniques and tactics that will help you become proficient and confident in confronting these people. 3. Come with a list of any questions you have regarding handling any conflicts you may now be avoiding.

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