June 22-24, 2021


233 - Keynote Panel - Racial Equity Audits Can Change Your Company for the Better -- If You Do It Right

Tuesday, June 22nd • 8:50am — 9:25am PDT

There's a lot of conversations about Racial Equity Audits these days, but not enough clarity about what it means and how it works. 2020 forced a broad and overdue reckoning with how deeply racial inequity runs in many institutions -- including our nation's workplaces. Many companies have responded with statements and pledges both symbolic and substantive. As they work to make good on those commitments to racial justice and equity, a racial equity audit can be an essential accountability tool. Or it can be a superficial exercise. In this session, learn from some of the nation's leading experts on DEI audits about what an effective racial equity audit looks like, how it can help your organization, and what are the measures of success.

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