June 22-24, 2021


111 - 21st Century LeaderShifts: The Millennial Solution to Guiding the Next Generations of Leaders

Monday, June 21st • 4:00pm — 5:30pm PDT

In this workshop you'll discover Sawubona (Zulu for "I see you") Leadership - a revolutionary method, revitalizing every generation to create a shared future and an enduring path to profits through purpose and the power of our gifts.

A new generation of leaders is ready to take on this challenge - provided they feel aligned with your vision and can use their gifts to do meaningful, purposeful work.

Learn how to harness the natural gifts of your people so they have the Leadership Capabilities once only required of senior management to anticipate change and stay competitive. Experience the power of purpose to ignite a sense of belonging to something greater, and a deep commitment to the company's success.

Today if leaders are not willing to make the "shift," they risk not succeeding in this century.

Please click HERE to download and print the handouts for the Break-Out Case Study portion of the workshop.

Workshop Leader:
Susan Inouye, executive coach, bestselling author of "Leadership's Perfect Storm: What Millennials Are Teaching Us about Possibilities, Passion and Purpose," and a leading expert on the changing landscape of leadership and millennials, has worked with over 600 companies in 40 industries for the past 20 years. She's helped leaders to increase their companies' productivity and profitability by making the "LeaderShifts" necessary to succeed. She shares a leadership style - proven successful in over 30 countries - known as "Sawubona Leadership" (Zulu for "I see you."). This method has enabled her to turn around companies and cultures for over a decade.

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