Digital Inclusivity Dec 8-10, 2020


136 - Coaching Circle - Recognize Unconscious Bias and Its Impact on Your Career!

Tuesday, December 8th • 1:00pm — 2:00pm PDT

In the modern world where innovation, diversity of thought, and talent are such hot commodities, it is imperative for leaders to be aware of their own unconscious bias, and those of their organizations. Unconscious bias affects every part of business: hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and evaluations, retention and promotions, competitors, vendors, marketing, and even letting go of employees. How do we make sure we’re not left behind, and that we have the tools to be more effective and included in a world of tokenism? Anya will aid in creating an environment of collective accountability and advocacy. You’ll gain a new understanding of your own unconscious bias, as well as the tools to develop employees who share personal ownership and responsibility at the individual engagement level.

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