Digital Inclusivity Dec 8-10, 2020


134 - Coaching Circle - Improve Your Performance and Fulfillment through Mental Fitness

Tuesday, December 8th • 1:00pm — 2:00pm PDT

All of us have internal saboteurs that generate negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, self-doubt, and shame. Examples of saboteurs are judge, hyper-achiever, pleaser, controller, avoider, stickler, and four others. Based on the work by Positive Intelligence, which combines neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science, when we build the mental muscle to weaken saboteurs in the way they deal with challenges and strengthen “sage” - which produces positive emotions like curiosity, creativity, empathy, and calm, and clear-headed focused action - you can have a lasting positive impact on your overall performance and happiness. In this coaching circle, you’ll learn about your saboteurs and walk away with practical tools that you can use every single day to improve your mental muscle.

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