June 23-24, 2020
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293 - Workshop - The Improvisational Leader: How You Show Up

Wednesday, June 24th • 3:00pm — 4:00pm PDT

One of the biggest challenges for leaders today is effectively engaging teams so that employees can manage change, innovate, and remain flexible. Keeping employees engaged, positive, and focused has a great deal to do with the day-to-day actions and reactions of leadership. This workshop will guide participants through an interactive session on the use of improvisational behaviors as effective leadership tools for employees, teams, and organizations. Improvisers manage risk, constant change, and uncertainty, and can take advantage of the unexpected. You will learn: • critical techniques of improvisation that can be easily translated to corporate environments to elevate your personal leadership brand • ways to model and teach more proactive leader behaviors that will translate to higher levels of trust among your teams • further resources to integrate the flexibility of improvisation into your working environment.

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