June 23-24, 2020
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252 - Coaching Circle - Your Network: Your Lifeline

Wednesday, June 24th • 1:45pm — 2:45pm PDT

In working through a pandemic, every day teaches us a different lesson. One of the most valuable lessons is also the simplest: our network is our professional lifeline. It is impossible to ignore that your organization is changing, hour by hour. Leaders everywhere are operating in a new and shifting reality without a playbook. They are doing their best to keep the business running while responding to news reports and government guidelines, sustaining what seems to work, setting new priorities, rewriting the rules, and implementing a slew of changes. Like it or not, now is the time to do more than just produce great work. It’s the time to broaden your impact and your network. Join this session to find out how you can: connect with your colleagues by staying open and curious; get more facetime with your boss and other company influencers; and make important contributions to your team and business.

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