June 23-24, 2020
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203 - The Perpetual Capacity for Relevant Leadership

Wednesday, June 24th • 9:00am — 9:45am PDT

The power of uncertainty is its unfailing ability to create unanticipated change. This is where LEADERSHIP can come to thrive or be disrobed! This talk focuses the leader’s heart and mind regardless of sector to "the rudiments of the perpetual capacity for relevant leadership." In the transition from the Between-COVID (BC) era and the hope for an After-COVID (AC) era, complicated by the visible impact of racial politics and economics, how will the 4th economy fully emerge? What opportunities exist for you? Goals for this talk: 1-Define the tenets of the 4th Economy. 2-Explore the unravelling of the status quo to which it emerges. 3-Identify the demand for expertise in becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. You will be introduced to your CORE: Concrete Operational Radicals of Excellence and why they are pertinent.

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