June 21-22, 2022 Online


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Cyril Azubuine

Non-Executive Board Member, African Youth Ignited 4ir

Cyril Azubuine (Nigeria) is an advisor and curriculum developer on Robotics, Aviation, and Drone education for African Youth Ignited 4ir (AYI). He is supporting AYI to broaden its reach and impact on the African continents to ensure the early development of 4ir skills for Africa's future innovators. An experienced STEM Instructor, Cyril is passionate about cutting-edge technologies (UAV, UAM, VR, ML, IoT, 3D design & ROS), with a demonstrated history of working in the downstream - Oil and Gas Industry, EdTech Organizations, and other research-oriented firms at home and abroad. He is skilled in embedded systems and electronics, alongside drone technology, and the Internet of Things for home automation applications. Cyril's goal is quite in line with the SDG goals to create sustainable growth and development in the future.