June 23-24, 2020
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144 - Workshop - Ignite Your Purpose with Passion: 5 Proven Ways to be an Empowered Woman Leader

Tuesday, June 23rd • 1:45pm — 2:45pm PDT

This dynamic interactive, informative and fun workshop is for women at all stages of their career and life to "Ignite the Passion Within!" Learn the 5 proven ways successful women leaders use to control their own destiny: 1-Be Strong: discover how to play to your strengths and strive for excellence. 2-Stand Up: create a personal leadership vision to guide your career and life decisions. 3-Stand Out: learn to be more valuable, visible, and vocal. 4-Be #1: put yourself #1 on your things-to-do list. 5-Pay It Forward: invest in future women leaders by empowering other women and generations.

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